Xero Price Increase

When we started JBM over six years ago we always set out to have a set and forget ethos when it came to pricing. Still to this day unless something changed in your business we have never increased pricing. Unlike other Accounting practices we worked at who increased it a percentage every year we wanted to stay consistent and provide you a better product at a better price.

Unfortunately the cost has built up over many years of software increases which we, till today have managed to absorb. This however has lead to us losing between $500 – $1,000 a month on Xero subscriptions.

We will still be under the price of Xero if you went directly as we want to pass on the discount we receive.

You will notice the price increase on your next invoice but if you have any questions or issues please do let us know.

Through it all Xero is still an amazing product that saves you more than it would cost you compared to the others. Hopefully this is the last ever price increase email we will ever send!